About Me

Dawn D. Kahan, EdM

I am a change agent for transformation. I design creative and engaging learning experiences by translating complex information into relevant, resonant and relatable content. As a presenter, trainer and facilitator, I use a combination of enthusiasm, professionalism, empathy and humor to create positive change. I specialize in experiential and inclusive adult learning programs that bring SME lessons to life.

My aim is to make learning enjoyable and accessible, with special emphasis on Emotivational Design; bridging communication, comprehension, collaboration, diverse perspectives and impactful experiences.

I use scenario-based learning, compelling narrative design and emotional intelligence to produce meaningful, measurable and memorable change. Stories are how we learn, how we relate to one another and make sense of our world, transcending challenges through our shared human experience.

As a multi-published author, comic illustrator and interactive game designer, I recognize the power of engaging, entertaining and compelling narratives to shift mindsets and behavior.

I have a Master's Degree in Education from Harvard University with a specialty in hermeneutics, focusing on improving communication and inclusivity through interpretational theory.


I develop engaging, innovative, data-driven programs that transform complex information into relevant, resonant and relatable content.


My process centers around crafting resonant and relatable content that empowers learners to meet challenges and generate solutions in order to achieve desired results. I use the Understanding By Design (UbD) instructional design; by analyzing the learning objectives and identifying needs, I can better understand the client's goals and address the specific performance gaps. Assessing the learners' prior knowledge and training, as well as their preferred learning styles, I am able to develop and design effective, engaging and impactful learning experiences that appeal to people on a personal level.

I outline a comprehensive plan from the end goal forward that includes specific learning outcomes, goals, tools and assessments in order to achieve learning objectives that are agile for an an iterative, rapid-prototyping model. I design for a variety of learning styles and accommodations, including multimedia resources, narrative design, interactive activities and blended learning models to create dynamic and engaging training experiences.

I focus on achieving measurable outcomes, using backwards-design in order to prioritize the end results throughout the development process.  I establish clear learning objectives and use formative and summative assessments to evaluate learners' progress, comprehension and retention. By tracking learner performance and assessing the effectiveness of the instructional materials, I make data-driven decisions to continuously improve the learning experience.


I am committed to creating content that matters. Collaborating with subject matter experts, team members and stakeholders from the outset ensures that content is accurate, inspires ownership and aligns with the organization's mission and goals. Assessments that incorporate direct learner feedback from pilot tests and user evaluations help refine and improve the final product. My aim is to go above and beyond expectations and offer programs that are meaningful, measurable and memorable for long-term, positive change.