Instructor-led Training

Online video scripts, workbook modules, activities & assessments

Family Substance Use Disorder Prevention Education Program:

Recovery Education & Applied Learning [REAL]

This comprehensive model is an example of multi-tiered eLearning; breaking down complex problems into relatable and easy-to-follow steps, directions and solutions. I wrote scripts for the subject matter experts presenting the data and practical theory for a short introductory video, a full video module, and an accompanying workbook with activities and assessment questions.

Join our panelists Kayleen Holt, Daphne Riley, Cyndi Nagel and Chris Paxton McMillin with host Dawn Metcalf as they offer their own perspectives on accessibility and inclusivity in L&D.

Full video above. Closed Captioning available & autoplay is off for user control.

Accessibility Through the Looking Glass: A Conversation at AIDC23

TLDC: The Training, Learning & Development Community

I was honored to present an interactive conversation around hermeneutic perspective and design at the Accessibility & Inclusion Design Conference 2023 [AIDC23], hosting a panel of expert presenters, instructional designers and influential TLDC members. Widening the definition of "accessibility" to include best practice by making information available to all learners, we were able to think differently about our access points and and how we could be advocates for all of our learners as well as increase awareness of how our own perspectives and experiences shape how we approach and design our work.

Performance Culture & Expectations: A Women in Business "Positive Parenting" Seminar by Dawn Metcalf, EdM

Behavioral Health eLearning Video with Voice Over

Facilitator and Participant Guides are being updated in order to be more accessible and WCAG compatible.

Women In Business vILT series

Women, Culture & Business: PowerPoint, Canva

Designed as a submission for a corporate health behavioral education and training company that offers adult eLearning courses for stress-reduction in the home and at work, I created an eLearning module and practices for dispelling harmful internalized societal expectations around modern mothering.

The End Result: After the "feel good" empowerment fades, there are tools, strategies and step-by-step methods that reinforce the core lessons in day-to-day practice to produce measurable results. 

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