Learning Materials

Demo Promotional Video for 501(c)(3) Funding

Promotional Funding Video

Who2Be: Camtasia, Canva, Audacity

This demo video was designed for a non-profit client, Who2Be.org, who is seeking funding from several sources whose online applications and/or Letters of Intent required a video component be included in their application process. This could also serve as a marketing video for individual donors, sponsors and potential corporate partners. For this assignment, I wrote a sample script, outlined a storyboard, recorded and edited my own voiceover and created this video draft in order to illustrate what could be possible for the organization's Board review.

Black-and-White Comic Illustrations: Micro-aggressions

"Oops/Ouch" Microaggression Visual Aids (monthly e-newsletter prompt)

Empowered Professional Women's Networking Group [EPWNG]: Pen & Ink, Canva

Commissioned by the Empowered Professional Women's Networking Group (EPWNG), these single-panel comic learning tools were developed in order to illustrate the concept of micro-aggressions, intended to educate their membership and open conversations about how to attract and retain more diverse businesswomen into their organization.

Employee ADA Conformance Visual Aid

Original Version: Insufficient Color Contrast Ratio

Alt-text, font color and size were chosen for maximum accessibility, but the original color contrast ratio was not sufficient to accommodate visual impairment.

Job Aid: Digital Accessibility

Reference Card: Canva

An easy checklist for employees to consult before they hit "Send" or "Post" or give their next online presentation. This is a simple guide to best practices and no-cost accommodations for the visually impaired. This is a quick guide to Visual, Auditory and Text accommodations.