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Dawn's Copy of 2 Proactive Pronoun Animation_Script-IDOL.docx

Animation script for DEIB explainer video

Full "Proactive Pronouns" Video

Animation Explainer Video Script: Proactive Pronouns

Animaker Script: G Suite

A complete script for an animated ADA video compliance training for employees about how to use appropriate pronouns; with special emphasis on the third-person-singular pronouns, "They/Them/Theirs," and those who might use them, including non-binary, genderfluid and agendered individuals.

By focusing not on what is new and different, but what is already part of our common language usage, learners can recognize how they already conform to these best practices and model proactive pronouns.

Proactive Pronouns: Animated Explainer Video

Animaker Video

This ADA compliance training video is a clear and concise step-by-step guide for who, how, when and why it is appropriate to use third-person-singular pronouns, "They/Them/Theirs." Special emphasis on correct etiquette around how to inquire about someone's pronouns, how to navigate name changes and what to do when accidentally misgendering someone are illustrated with several easy-to-follow directions and examples. Participants can find confidence in their ability to navigate the social nuances of gender identity and positive pronoun usage.

Dawn's Course Storyboard: How to Visually Map Your Book

Quick-reference plotting guide for novel writers.

How to Visually Map Your Book 

Storyboard for Rise 360 Course: G Suite

After receiving an arts grant to support quarantined artists during the pandemic, I developed a series of tools for pre-published authors to help plot, polish, finish and submit their manuscripts for consideration in traditional publishing, magazines, webzines, contests, anthologies or self-publishing.

By combining concepts such as Freytag's Pyramid, the Four-Act Structure and the 15 Storytelling Beats into a single visual map, writers can create a full plot outline from start to finish by the end of the program.

Dawn's Course Blueprint Template - Visual Conformance

Visual Conformance Course: Planning In Action [Part I: Blursday course] (G Suite)

Visual ADA Conformance Course Storyboard Blueprint

Storyboard for Storyline: IDOL Courses Academy

This course blueprint is for a fictional corporation that is having difficulty adhering to ADA mandates. The course is designed for managers and leadership to resonate with visual impairment and workplace accommodations and collaboratively design action plans with measurable timelines.